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since 2002 we have founded a number of Ai companies based in London UK(2002-2012), Zurich Switzerland(2013) and Ann Arbor MI US(2019). Our key ingredients for success is the delivery of solutions that mix Ai science, distributed systems engineering and neuroscience.

Human Thoughts Process Automation (TPA)

FocusWhat is my Brain/Body State?What is my Brain/Body Thinking?
Medium Head for Brain;
Touch for other
Touch for all
Technique EEG(Brain) ECG/EKG(Cardio) EDA(Skin) Energy/Deep Meaning
Accesibility Concious Brain Subconcious Brain 90%

Selected Awards and Special Events

US Resi MIT Investment Challenge 3rd place 2014 Boston US; World Brain Congress Poster 2014 San Francisco US; Partnered with Professor Dr. William Mobley director of Neuroscience at UCSD as medical advisor 2013;
EUROPE IBM Innovation Roundtable Pitch 2013 Zurich Switzerland; World MedTech Forum Presentation 2013 Lucerne Switzerland; Commission of Technology Selected Startup pitched at Bern Switzerland, Swiss Embassy Berlin Germany 2014; Consult team of Academics and Industry on specifications for an EU Project Proposal looking to investigate the current state-of-the art / practices in providing technological support for deaf community. London UK 2006; Advised Russia Academy of Sciences on complex systems Samara Russia 2006 & 2007;
ASIA Trained Senior Academic Staff from University of Moratuwa Sri Lanka on intelligent systems methodology and received award from University Dean 2003;

Tasos Smeros Global CEO

William Mobley Medical & Neuroscience Expert

Joanna Giakoumettou Financial Expert

Human Thoughts Automation (HTA)

Human Ai Labs LLC

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Multineurons Lab AG

Wollerau SZ

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